Technical assistance services: car opening

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When is a service needed?

The problem with opening locks is a common problem that motorists sometimes encounter at the most inopportune hour. There is a child or animal in the car, an important trip is planned, or it is very cold outside – these are just a few of the reasons why opening the lock should be done as quickly as possible.

In some cases, an emergency situation is so complex that it is not possible to deal with it on your own, more details on the website The reasons for difficult access to the car are:

  • mechanical damage during an accident;
  • short circuit of the car alarm;
  • malfunction of the locking mechanism;
  • the doors closed, but the keys remained inside;
  • chip key failure.

Sometimes motorists simply lose their keys. This forces them to call in order to order a quick opening of car locks. The instant arrival of the masters at any hour is very important, since the attackers may have the keys.

How are locks opened?

The masters of a specialized company use professional equipment for various opening methods – key selection, bumping or code reading. This allows you to guarantee the quality of work. The service is available for various types of locks: frame and pin.

The latter are often equipped with domestic cars. There are pins in the cylinders of such locks. The key turns only after the teeth hit the desired cells. To open such a mechanism, you will need a bump key or a master key.

In the design of frame locks for car doors, plates are used, which are set in the specified order during pressing. They can have a one- or two-sided cylinder, which makes it impossible to use a master key and bumping. In this case, reading the larva code to make a new key or using a dial will help open the car.

It is not recommended to engage in independent opening of locks, since in the absence of appropriate skills and tools, the mechanism can be permanently damaged. This will lead to additional costs for more complex operations, such as drilling.

What is the price of an urgent car opening?

Depends on the type of car – passenger car, truck, SUV or premium, as well as on its brand and year of manufacture. What matters is the type of lock, working conditions, the presence of an anti-theft device, the nature of the malfunction, the location of the vehicle.

Our experts will open the lock or replace it at an affordable price. We arrive at an emergency call 20 minutes after receiving the application. We offer a guarantee for all types of work.

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